“Professional service
that won't make you nervous”

Macintosh  Perl  Linux

Who or What is Laughing Dragon Services?

Independently owned and operated by Scott R. Godin, offering:

  • Macintosh technical support, service, maintenance, and repair for the Northern Delaware area including: Macintosh hardware, Macintosh software upgrades, and networking and integration of Macintosh systems with other computers,

    Looking for an experienced Macintosh service provider? I've been using and working with Macintosh systems for about 27 years – since 1987.

  • Website maintenance, and development, including:
  • Fedora Core and Red Hat Linux installation, configuration, and systems administration,
  • General Internet technology consulting, and training.

News and Updates

November 13, 2009: New address AND phone number on the contact page.